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Optimise your website and minimise your climate impact

Analysis and web consultancy TypoConsult is behind We feel a responsibility to contribute to the green transition in our field of expertise. So we hope that our analysis site can help raise awareness of how companies and organisations can work online, too, to become greener and more climate friendly.

Lack of tools and guidance today

Digital transformation is part of the solution to the climate crisis, but our digital behaviour also has an impact on energy. We find that today there is both a lack of awareness and a lack of concrete guidance to help you as the web manager of a company or an organisation to optimise your website.

Therefore, based on our experience, we have prepared an analysis site and formulated our proposed guidelines on how much space a website should reasonably take up. Our analysis tool should be seen as the first step towards optimising your page so that you don't send unnecessary data that requires unnecessary use of energy.

TypoConsult is involved in DigitalLead to become smarter

Digital climate impact is a complex area. For example, we cannot calculate the exact climate impact of a website at this time, as there are too many unknown factors. Silkeborg or Singapore? We don’t know where the user is located. We don’t know either whether access points, i.e. the computers that send your website around the Internet, are using green energy.

We are therefore an active part of DigitalLead, a group of companies and institutions all working with digital innovation. Here we contribute our knowledge and, together with leading researchers, we learn how, among other things, we can make more precise calculations for the benefit of the climate.

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We would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or insights, we'd love to hear from you. When it comes to the green transition, we believe the most progress can be made by working together. We need to make an effort together wherever we can.

How much space should a website take up?Energyfriendlyweb

There is no single answer for how much space a website should take up. However, the smaller it is, the less power it will consume. The numbers below can be used indicatively.

Over 1 MB
Too heavy
Below 1 MB
Below 500 kB
Below 250 kB
Very good

Source: TypoConsult